Thursday, August 13, 2009

What does conscious awareness mean?

Today my 12 year old daughter asked me "What does level of consciousness mean?" I had to stop and think for a bit to figure out how to describe it to her in terms that she could understand. I told her that it means paying attention to pretty much everything you say, and do; to be always aware of your own 'space' - what comes in as well as what you send out. To me, a simple beginners way of defining level of consciousness would be to say its the percentage of truthfulness you live/give. Are you at 10%, 20% 30, 40, 50+ ? She knew what i meant because we are always 'testing' level of consciousness, or truthfulness. When I call her name, she comes up to me and puts her arm out to the side and gives me a big smile. Shes ready, willing, and at my service.

I bet when you think of it in those terms tho, you would automatically know that you are a very honest and truthful person. So of course you are going to rate quite high.... hmmm, think again. According to David R. Hawkins, author of Power Vs Force, the level of consciousness for North America is just barely over 200, or as I have rated it above, 20%. Sad isn't it. And true 'love' doesn't even appear until level 500, or 50% (the level of love). Pretty sad state of affairs when we know we can turn to each other and know we should be able to get a good 20% of truthfulness out of them; but then again, what are they getting out of you?

Of course, there is far, far more to it than that, but that's a start.

I subscribe to Bob Proctors "Insight of the Day" and this came into my email this morning. I was so pleased because I wanted to start my blog with a definition of what Conscious Awareness really is.

"Living consciously involves being genuine; it involves listening and responding to others honestly and openly; it involves being in the moment."

Sidney Poitier
Actor and Author of
The Measure of a Man

Lets start on a journey of love. Lets learn together what love really is and what it really means.

I am truly grateful for the gifts in my life, the abundance of love and support that has helped guide me to this point.

May blessings of abundance in all that comes from truth, goodness, and light, find their way to you.

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