Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is in the air... Really!

I've been wanting a garden since I bought this place 6 years ago.  The property is just under 4 acres and nowhere to have a garden. We have a pond, river and lots of cedar trees and so on, the house  is on a hill and is the highest point on the property, and the back yard doesn't get enough sun to have a veggie garden, thus my dilemma. I've been trying to come up with ideas on how we could have our own 'fresh' veggies again (my gardens used to be gigantic), and along with that... WHERE? My flower beds are also 'tomatoe', pea, and strawberry beds but really not suitable.  I want potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, carrots.. you know, the veggies that require more than just a small area in the flower bed. 

Having Fibromyalgia - did I mention that before :D - I now also have to consider if I could even get down and do much gardening.  We've discussed terraced gardening which would not only be cosmetically appealing, but it would serve a wonderful purpose ~ We'd have fresh veggies!

If it has to do with gardening, whether seeds, gardening gloves and tools, or some gadget that makes me more comfortable (fibro or not) while gardening , I'm very interested. 

Of course through my constant surfing and 'researching' I came across with a huge assortment of planters in every style, shape, and size you could imagine.
I liked their planter boxes to make raised beds with, and some of them are quite high, which could be very beneficial for many people with disabilities. 
I know there are those out there who have it far worse than me and are still hard core gardeners.  So anything to make life a little easier is always welcome.  

One other thing I just have to mention.  They have the cutest window boxes. Take a peek.  I've always been partial to outdoor planters like flower boxes that you see outside of windows on certain homes.  There's something about it.  It just gives you that warm, fuzzy, 'homey' feeling.  Another thing I'd like to do..... but veggies first for me!  Although with the 'dutch' heritage now part of my family, I may not get away with that!  

May blessings of abundance in all that comes from truth, goodness, and light, find their way to you!

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