Thursday, February 24, 2011

When life gets difficult, we tend to think that we need to batten down the hatches and work even harder, try even harder, maybe even LIVE even harder.  Think about that for a second.  If we are already feeling tapped out, or on our way to being that way, does it make sense to push even harder.  If you have a hose turned on and ready to explode, the last thing we want to do is create more pressure.  We don't even likely want to allow the pressure that is there to remain as this could be enough to eventually cause the hose to burst anyway.  So it is with ourselves.  Life, everyday, requires balance, and we need to take time to have silence (unless you have tinnitis like myself, and well, that's a whole different story!).  Meditation, whether listening to a meditation cd, sitting in silence in your yard, or even in your vehicle, or in the form of prayer, is an absolute basic need in life.  I feel that we fail horribly in teaching our children this learned skill.  We have no problem creating chaos in our lives, making things more hectic than should be even LEGAL, yet we do it.  Our children watch.  They learn.  Then they become adults and the addiction continues.  Teach your children how to have quiet time, to let everything go, to relax. But most importantly, remember to give THANKS to the powers that be, whatever that is to you. A short time spent like this each day, will do wonders in creating a more peaceful environment in our family life, working life... life in general. Even a positive comment sent someone's way, especially your child or spouse, can improve life tenfold.
Of course then there are activities that create a fun, relaxed environment.  No imagination of your own?  Well that's what the internet is for.  But, here are some extremely simple suggestions to get you started.

  1. EAT SUPPER TOGETHER as much as possible.  Be creative.  Eating at the kitchen table gets boring, although these days most families use their table as a desk, or catchall of some sort so have no opportunity to make it boring to begin with. But there are alternatives, one being - Eat outside. This is not only a nice change, but it is relaxing. (maybe pick an appropriate month tho ... )Remember - This is NOT a time to pick at any problems.  This is a time for bonding. Let your children be comfortable with you and enjoy!  Please feel free to post your ideas!
  2. HOMEWORK TIME for ME is drudgery.  I didn't like to do my own homework, now I have all of these kids with homework.. ugh!  But it's a bonding opportunity in disguise.  Sit down with your son(s)/ daughter(s) and enjoy them.  Remember - This is NOT a time to pick at any problems.  This is a time for bonding.  If your child isn't catching onto something, you can try to help but it's not a time to belittle your child or make him feel shame in any way.  This is often what happens and parents don't even realize what they are doing.
  3. PLAY VIDEO GAMES with everyone! Yes, play!  I have a lot of difficulty with this one.  I'd rather be doing...  well....  anything else.  But with my family the way it is - my oldest grown and on his own, and 4 more kids I'm in the midst of raising - I've realized I missed out on some HUGE bonding opportunities with my son.  I was so concerned about listening to all the 'adults' tell me how he played too much, don't let him play too much, that I couldn't relax enough about it.  Don't kid yourself, I played a bit, but I felt I was doing my son a disservice by letting him play, especially letting him play too much. Amongst other things, if I had played with him, I'd be able to BEAT THE PANTS off these guys now!  LOL but most importantly, I'd have wonderful memories of trying to beat King Koopa, trying to save the Princess, and so on.  Obviously, this is a fun time so it's not the time to pick at any problems.  Don't get into any kind of arguments.  Just have a blast.  Because it is a blast.

So, I could sit here all day coming up with ideas.  Add your own.  Send them to me.  Share them.  It's what life's all about.
"Peace out homie"  "Live long and prosper"  "Peace be with you"  "TTYL"  "We did it, we did it, we did it, yeah!" (Dora :) ) "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..."   :D
    May blessings of abundance in all that comes from truth, goodness, and light, find their way to you! 

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